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Uncategorised New Property Acquired! :-)

So project property acquired – (well going through Legal’s), it’s time to get inspired. What I have done recently is visited a number of the new show homes, from the different house builders in the area.

Now there are two reasons I’m doing this, one is to see what trends are out at the moment, and what they’re how they are subliminally persuading the potential viewers/ buyers. Let them do the hard work in seeing what sells and what doesn’t, someone’s sole role in the company will be that! Let me tell you greys are still in (even different shades on the externals of windows and doors) with small splashes of colour everywhere, deep or bright.

Colour might not be for everyone but we know that personality in a house does. Colour will be able to give the property some individuality, which will towards showing the viewer that this house is diffferent from the next one.

The second reason isn’t far from the first, but this one is all about layout and structure. You want to be seeing what the most expensive house has, which the cheapest one doesn’t and what you can incorporate into your property. Is there an en-suite? Bi-fold doors? Big bay windows? Open plan?

Don’t get me wrong the show homes will normally have every extra in the book, but we are looking for which ones we can pull from them for maximum impact. Kitchens and bathrooms still generally sell homes, but what if we put some Bluetooth speakers in the ceiling!?

Little pop of “wow” isn’t it? That’s what we strive for to enable us to make the house more appealing for the better and delivering a final product we can be proud of.